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Samedi 6 avril Concert Live à l'après ski au Samoyede suivi d'un concert privé au Café Chaud

Johnny Gallagher & the Boxtie Band,

Widely Acknowledged as one of the finest guitar players in Ireland & the UK, Johnny Gallagher is first and foremost an explosive live entertainer. He
has scorched his way through Festivals, Clubs & Venues all over Europe and is held in awe by musicians and fans alike in his native Ireland. His live
shows with the powerful Boxtie Band feature a trawl through his own original material interspered with stunning personal versions of songs from the likes,
Lynyrd Skynrd, Hendrix, Peter Green among others.

Though privately quiet and unassuming, Johnny oozes charisma and excitement on stage with that indefinable and much sought after "larger than life"

He can change from full on aggressive rock to quieter moments of more tender, introsprective music, and in the course of a set he shows his wizardry on both
electric and acoustic guitars. To top it all, Johnny possesses a truly unique and expressive voice which show cases his songs with the dynamics to swoop from
a scream to a whisper. His music has been described in London’s Time Out Magazine as a "magical fusion of country, jazz, blues, a little roadhouse
rock and some loud rock n’roll".